Summer is finally cooling off! - ACCfamily
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Summer is finally cooling off!

Summer is finally cooling off and we are almost to autumn.  Autumn is my favorite season of the year!  I like it because we all seem to start something new in the fall.  Some start school, some start college.  Most of us start a new schedule…if nothing else due to new traffic patterns with a zillion school buses out on the roads.  Regardless, autumn is a time to start fresh.

At ACCfamily, we are starting some fresh stuff too.  We spent the summer re-tooling a lot of our inner workings and services.  We are very glad to tell you that we have added a medical doctor to our menu of services.  Our doctor does house calls!  If you or a loved one needs a doctor’s visit but is afraid to go out (or can’t get out!), we can now come to you.  Exciting days for ACCfamily!

We also added a couple more steps to our background check process so you can know every caregiver that comes to your home is safe.  We did NOT have any bad experiences that caused this change…we just added another level of security.

We have added a couple more things that will be discussed in the future.  There will be more on the doctor too!  We just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you.

Oh, and by the way, we updated our website too.  Tell me if you like it.

Thank you for allowing us to join your family!  It is an honor to love and serve you!

-Jim Lindsay