Light up the Night!

Looks like we do literally light up the night sky during the holiday season!  NASA scientists have satellite images that show an increase in brightness in major US cities during the holidays.  Some US cities brighten up as much as 50% from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  What an incredible thought — to imagine our lights brighten up the dark space.

So can be true in our lives during this time of year.  We all can play a role in brightening up the season for someone else.  Whether it be serving at a food kitchen, spending extra time with an ailing loved one or just lending a listening ear to a friend – we can be that light of hope and encouragement.

For many, this time of year is not always a joyous one.  Perhaps money is a stretch, a job is more stressful or some are dealing with memories of days gone by.  Let’s take a step out of our own lives and remember others.

How can we make a difference during this time of year? How can we lighten up the night?


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