The Cost of Diabetes

Diabetes is costly: said in the most figurative AND shockingly literal sense. Since 2007 there has been a 41% increase in the total cost of diabetes, from 174 billion to 245 billion.

Forty one percent?!

169276535Articles are everywhere online detailing the high rise of Type I diabetes among children, the hypotheses of diet and gene interactions to combat the repercussions, and endless statistics detailing growth rate and costs. The information can be staggering, not to mention overwhelming. In the midst of this diabetes hurricane, health professionals are growing increasingly concerned with the sheer NUMBER of people affected with the disease and the factors prevalent in adding to those numbers. Two major factors influencing this rise is the increasing age of the baby boomer generation, along with the rising obesity rates.

ACCFamily wants to continue to spread awareness about diabetes, in order to address the disease on the front end of the battle, versus the back. Besides helping monetarily, it will increase quality of life. Consider taking a moment to read the following articles:

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