The Memory of Time

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” Virgil

That quote is inscribed on the wall of the 9/11 Museum, which was dedicated yesterday, May 15th.   We all remember where we were, what we were doing and who we were with, in 2001, on that fateful day, when so many lives were lost.  Nearly 13 years later and the memories are just as vivid.

9/11 memories

The museum, which opens to the public next week, tells stories of loss but also of courage, kindness and comradery as so many people came to the rescue of others. America was united in those moments and stood as one.

How were you changed?  As time passes, it’s easy to slip back into the routine of our day-to-day lives.  Time is so very precious. Whether it be taking care of your ailing father, running around with three little kids or picking up medication at the pharmacy – time is precious.  Let September 11th and those who lost their lives be a reminder for us to live differently.  Treasure each moment.  Before the memories are all that remain.

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