With the Baby Boomer generation’s age on the rise and closer scrutiny of nursing facilities and assisted living rampant on the news, it seems everywhere you turn there are discussions spawning over the topic of elder care, homes, caregivers, and alternative options. Care-giving, in particular, is a task that many families ‘accidentally’ fall into. One day a daughter is flowing in her daily routine; the next she is providing care for an aging relative. Family caregivers, in particular, while being ad mired either for financial frugality or patient love, walk a tired and forlorn path littered with many stresses.

The National Family Caregivers Association recently released statistics regarding family caregivers, including misperceptions of gender numbers, statistics of depression, and total money ‘saved’ by family care-giving. Many of the numbers are quite staggering and  present many ‘hidden’ issues of family care-giving. For example, over 61% of family caregivers suffer from depression some or most of which results from not receiving aid from other family members. One study calculated that American businesses lose between $11 – $29 billion each year due to employees’ need to care for loved ones.

ACCFamily came into existence in order to walk alongside family caregivers and let them retain their respective title of son, daughter, cousin, husband, wife. ACCFamily makes having a caregiver help you at home a legitimate option. Partnering with your family is a passion that drives the mission of ACCFamily and what we will continue to strive for. Allowing us to take some of the load you bear is not a cold choice to be made, but rather a decision that lessens many of the statistics above, while opening up a door to new relationships. ACCFamily is eager to share your burden.