Celebrating The New Year Every Day

With the encroaching New Year, resolutions are made in abundance. The date change seems to stimulate an image of a snake shedding skin, or a butterfly emerging from a holiday cocoon. Drastic diets, personal transformation, and character enhancement are all pursued with maniac passion. Gyms memberships explode, new grocery lists are formed, houses are tidied. Besides lifestyle changes, overcoming dysfunctional thinking patterns is also on the list. Self-help books on compassion, simplicity, and desire are voraciously read.

Why the emphasis on change with the New Year? Why this pursuit of a ‘new’ lifestyle and change? When all statistics show the dissolution of such protestations mere weeks later, why all the mania?

ACCFamily wants to make the “New Years Resolution” mindset an everyday occurrence. The desire for health; the desire for a kinder character; the desire for discipline at the gym – when it’s a daily choice instead of a yearly choice, perhaps the results would be different. Instead of a splendid large firework that lasts seconds, make your resolution a long-burning candle.

May 2014 be a happy New Year – every day.