Jump-Up-And-Down Stories

These are wonderful, jump-up-and-down, bittersweet stories.

Actually, the narratives below are just plain heart-warming. The past several days some of the most beautiful experiences have appeared on my computer, too good not to share. From secret codes to love songs, read at your own risk – of crying, that is.

Take the story of Fred. About a month ago, a video went viral entitled “A Letter from Fred,’ which is a story and song detailing the story of Fred and his beloved, deceased wife, Lorraine. After hearing about a song-writing contest, Fred snail-mailed a beautiful love song to the studio. One of the singer-songwriters was especially touched by the entry, and proceeded to make it into a song for Fred. The results went viral, as the story is an ode to the monument of marriage. The bitter and sweet mix.

What about the account of Howard and Cynthia, co-workers reunited after 60 years apart. During their employment they passed notes back and forth in secret code, with Howard keeping them. Two marriages, children, and 60 years later, Howard made his move by sending a coded letter to Cynthia, “I have always loved you.” After letter exchanges and a meeting, the pair decided to walk forward – in matrimony. No codes needed.

The last story is an interview with the longest married couple (85 years!) Herbert and Zelmyra. Besides a marriage that has withstood decades, these lovebirds shared stories of generosity (Herbert’s attempts at making dinner) to difficulties such as hospitalization.

The majority of the stories have a dualistic theme: joy inter-mingled with grief; jubilation mixing with disappointment; excitement tempered with disillusionment. ACCFamiliy, being in the thick of the home-care business, lives in this dualism every day. Stories are not always what you expect – so take the heart-warming ones when you can.