TechCare and Dementia

You know the word. Dementia.

The illness affecting more than 5 million adults in the United States.

The illness that increased 68% between 2000- 2010.

The illness which lays along a diverse spectrum of severity and impact.

Because of the high projection rates, countries are looking into innovative technological solutions for both caregivers and patients. One of the many options is an active monitoring system, comprised of small wireless sensors placed around the main rooms of the home, which ultimately monitor movements and display them on a secure online chart. Family members and professionals can watch activities, for example, number of times someone gets up in the night. It creates a picture of life and motions.

Many people argue that such technology encourages a ‘hands-off’ approach, watching from afar, plus removing the need to visit. Also, just 12% of the population said they would use such telecare – unless prices changed and the general consensus rose in favor of the technology.

Adult Daughter Visiting Senior Mother Sitting On Sofa At Home


However, with the current tide of technology sweeping over the globe, it’s safe to say that some such version will become integral to dementia care. Regardless of the camp you fall in, such tools have the potential to be objectively useful, not as a care replacement, but as a care-aid. ACCFamily promotes such care-aids, in fact, we have an activity monitoring system entitled “BeClose” that is used for tele-care.

Would YOU use an activity monitoring system?