Mars & Venus Caregiving


Let’s face it, folks, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. You don’t need a best-selling book for enlightenment on THIS particular issue. Whether it’s reality TV, chore lists, or simple communication, the vast majority of the population have personal experience to back up the statement. What woman ever classified football as a meteorological season? What man ever pined for a pair of Jimmy Choos?

Even the contrast of Mars and Venus, evoking the 75 million miles difference between these planets, shows how dramatically different our histories, perceptions, and experience can be.

Huffington Post published an article this week entitled “Mars Vs. Venus: Are the Sexes Different when Battling Caregiver Stress?

What do you think ladies and gentlemen of the jury? Can there be an answer other than YES?!

The fascinating article began with relaying some background, such as the fact while women are natural nurturers, the dark flip side is the accompanied worrying. Conversely, men emotionally distance themselves from some of the pain, but are verbally praised and affirmed as it’s not a typical male role. Regardless of the background, stress plays a high factor on the list of daily living.

ACCFamily wants to encourage you, caregiver title in hand or not, to manage stress. As gleaned from the article, here are some basic ways in which to alleviate stress and care for your body that work for BOTH SEXES – whether you are from Mars or Venus:

  1. Sleep
  2. Sunshine
  3. Super Foods
  4. Soothe — Bath? Massage? Epson Salts? Yes, to all of the above.
  5. Scents
  6. Socia contact and support
  7. Setting limits — You can say no.