Navy Yard Tribute

Farewell to Thee! But not farewell

To all my fondest thoughts of Thee;

Within my heart they still shall dwell

And they shall cheer and comfort me.


Life seems more sweet that Thou didst live

And men more true Thou wert one;

Nothing is lost that Thou didst give,

Nothing destroyed that Thou hast done.

Anne Bronte, novelist, poet and youngest of the three Bronte sisters (1820 – 1849)


The nation was shocked on Monday with the events at the Navy Yard, none more so than ACCfamily who lives and works in the shadow of DC. Words cannot explain the innate sadness that such an event spurs, let alone the social repercussions of feeling intimately connected to such a tragedy. With the tornado of feelings following a calamity, we wanted to link back to a previous article on the scars of grief. Ultimately, however, we want to offer our deepest sympathies and condolences to our geographical friends and neighbors. Events happen, but, like Anne Bronte stated, actions are left behind forever. Nothing is lost.


Eternity-Rose Hill Park-Port Arthur Texas