A Zamperini-Like Story

Have you ever been distractedly having a conversation with a grandparent or parent when all of a sudden they hit you with the news that they dated a famous boxer back in the day? Or perhaps pulled a random fact about Europe based on their time served in a faraway war? Knocking you off your feet with statements showcasing a vibrant history, said with an air of boredom?


Some stories are published in a very public manner. Take the life of Louis Zamperini, a track star in the ’30s, World War II plane crash hero, and survivor of a Japanese POW camp. After years of living in and around Hollywood, CA, being locally known and applauded, a famous author made his story accessible by a best-selling book of “Unbroken.” Not only does it read like an adventure fiction, the themes of forgiveness and redemption light the soul. From a respected community member to a revered hero, Zamperini”s exploits were not exposed until a brave author took the time to listen, ask questions, and seek stories of the past.

So many times the mundane dulls our interest in the stories of times ago, because, honestly, Pops was an ordinary, perhaps even BORING figure during our growth years. Putting loved ones in boxes is a task done quite often, as the daily tasks of landscaping, errands, and bills takes over the mind. It’s life. It happens. But when the old pictures are pulled out or an offhand comment is made, take time to listen to that story and explore a new vision of your loved one.

You never know. It could be a Zamperini-like story.