MedManager Robot to the Rescue

Imagine as your grandmother comfortably hums a favorite show tune and absent-mindedly cleans, a sudden trip elicits a stumble. Her foot starts to turn shades of blue and purple, swelling to twice the size as she sinks to the couch in pain. She is uncertain if there is a complete fracture, but after an un-answered phone call, she resorts to her MedManager Robot. After all, grocery shopping must be done today, and the knowledge of her condition is necessary.

The MedManager Robot scans her foot, beeping in a way reminiscent to R2:D2, and the results formulate on a computer screen.

“Whew,” your feisty grandmother thinks to herself. “Just a bruise.”

Can you legitimately imagine this scenario? The future may be closer than you think. Mayo Clinic and Northern Arizona University are partnering to test the medical viability of a telemedicine robot to assess athletes with concussion-like symptoms in real time. This collaboration will last throughout the football season to determine if this innovative tool can meet the highest expectation of care.

The future is at our fingertips. Next on the agenda? Formulating a creative name better than “MedManager Robot.”