What will Wii do next?

Wii Nintendo, that is. Besides pumping oxygen to lax muscles in the WiiFit to shaking out dance moves in the Just Dance game, Nintendo Wii is one of the various video game interfaces that allows active participation. Why, these days, it’s even helping surgeons sharpen their skills. Goodbye, stationary gaming that preludes carpal tunnel – Hello fitness!

Don’t get us wrong over here at ACCFamily – we are not getting paid to advertise for Nintendo Wii. With a mindset to prompt creative alternatives to exercise, hand eye coordination, and community building, the Wii is a possible solution for those house-bound. Forget about figuring out the transport to the community pool or bemoaning those uneven sidewalks – an archery lesson is waiting in your front room! The tennis court is awaiting your killer backhand! The golf course has never looked greener!

The path of active creativity is strewn with outrageous ideas, (some) expensive equipment, and a treasure chest of spunk. Wii like it that way.