Frazzled? There’s An App for That.

In an era of burgeoning technological innovation, it’s so easy (and fun!) to grab a new app, or game, or a map that is convenient for daily tasks. These SmartPhones seem to have infiltrated every part of our routine, so why not listen to music AND do something useful at the same time?!

Care-givers, in particular, can benefit from such technology. Whether an employed care-giver by profession or merely lending a hand to family members, there are numerous tools to help with daily care and health regimens. In the past, keeping track of pills, accountability, timeframe, and forgetfulness morphed into towers of sticky notes, frazzled phone calls, and journals that sputtered and stopped. Now, for the most part, beleaguered caregivers can get some help from organizational apps!



Tim Watt, blogger at Sunrise Senior Living, outlined some of the top apps that stood above the rest of the crowd.


This useful app is free on both iPhone and Android devices, and it has earned rave reviews from caregiving experts. It includes a large number of features such as a log of your loved one’s personal information – birth date, blood type and social security number, to name a few. The app also can store insurance information and medical history logs as well as share caregiving information with family members and other caregivers. The only potential drawback is that users need to subscribe to the web app, which costs $19.95 per month, to fully take advantage of the app, A Place For Mom notes.


There’s no denying caregiving is a stressful endeavor, and between being responsible for the well-being of a loved one and all your other duties, it can be easy for some things to get lost in the shuffle. Unfrazzle can help take some of the stress out of caregiving. Experts say it is particularly appealing because you can easily customize it. You can create to-do lists, track anything that’s important to you and share information and responsibilities with other family members.

iPharmacy Pro

Medication management is among the most challenging aspects of caregiving. It can be difficult to keep track of a long list of drugs, and adverse reactions can be a significant health risk. The free iPharmacy Proapp can help make managing medication a little bit easier. This program provides a comprehensive list of each drug’s purpose, potential side effects and interactions with other medications. It also features information from the Food and Drug Administration as well as a search function that allows you to locate recent clinical journal articles on particular medications.

If you are interested in a larger list comparing pros and cons, check out the 7 Best (And Worst) Apps for Caregivers.  Now, whip out your Smartphone or Tablet and prepared to get UN-FRAZZLED.