A Peek Into Pinterest

In a day and age where terms like “Re-Tweet” and “Status Update” and “Filter” are thrown about like candy at a parade, it’s no wonder the Baby Boomers and elder generations want to run for the hills when thinking about social networking sites. The vast possibilities of connection are humbling; the learning curve is daunting; the terminology is intimidating. Add in uncertainty about privacy issues, and there are fewer grandparents engaging with family, friends, and networks online.

While most sites are based around a cyber conversation or sharing thesis, one site stands apart for it’s unique demographic and manifestation into our tactile lives. Pinterest.

What is it exactly?

Pinterest is a virtual ‘pinboard’ if you will, a website that allows users to create and manage image based collections. Each ‘pin’ is linked back to it’s home site, whether it’s instructions for a recipe, details for a Do-It-Yourself Project, or a retail site with the exact price.

What’s the big deal?

Besides having an organized board of delicious desserts? Or physical exercises? Or beautiful photographs?

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 10.09.06 AM

Pinterest is an online portal that starts with an INTEREST, encourages INTERACTION, and ultimately has the possibility of PHYSICAL ACTION

Some family members are bed-ridden; some have specific food allergies; some are bored and need DIY whimsical crafts. ACCFamily wants to recommend checking out Pinterest as an avenue for some engaging projects! Start with our boards and happy pinning!