Don’t Take “NO” for an Answer

Is there a topic or activity ingrained in your heart to such a passionate degree that you would walk across America? How about pushing a wheelchair for 3,300 miles?

Many people desire to take adventurous trips, road trips, hikes, and other journeys, yet the majority of such ventures are usually innately selfish in nature. While I am not condemning such actions (I, myself, love thinking of a cross-country road trip), there is a special respect for people who undertake such missions for a specific cause. Even more applaudable is the fact that many of these trips have a bottom line: a WALK across America. POGO-JUMPING across America. WHEELCHAIR racing through the plains.

Young Ryan Chalmers, a young man with spina bifida, did just that. Eager to help the organization Stay-focused (a non-profit providing scuba certification to teens with disabilities), the athlete pushed his wheelchair 3300 miles across the States. He does not take “NO” for an answer, regardless of his physical circumstances, and pursues his passions at all cost. Because of this passion, an beneficent organization was rewarded, ultimately impacting the lives of thousands with disabilities.

Ryan Chalmers in the Push Across America

ACCfamily applauds this story, this young man, and this journey. Do not take “NO” for an answer – and reap the benefits.