Vibrant Mania: Vacation Season

We are smack-dab in the middle of summer, with sunshine continuing and dreams of vacation on the brain. Summer brings about new routines, refreshed adventures, and altered lifestyles. What is the crux of this vibrant mania?


Vacation. Beaches and mountains. Rich food and organic farmer’s markets. Tours of Greece, camping in the Smokies, family reunions, or simpe day trips to the countryside mark the highlights of the season. The best thing about all this? There are HEALTH benefits. Besides decreasing stress, travel opens up the mind to new experiences and cultures, increases physical activity, and stimulates the mind. You also make new friends!



Age, however, brings about new difficulties that might previously never would have been imagined. From navigating airports to traveling with medications, there are numerous issues to identify and address.

For the elderly still in a state of vibrant health, websites such as offer travel packages to locations of an exotic taste, with physical adventures.

Other family members perhaps in a frail physical states need more planning. There are several resources that list tangible and practical lists of traveling.

ACCFamily encourages you to take advantage of the benefits of travel (DO IT. ADVENTURE.) while also being wise. Happy vacationing!