Cheers to Our Fathers

Google “Father’s Day Gift.”

The miraculous Internet will list a myriad of gifts, ranging from monogrammed golf balls, bow-ties, to techie gadgets. Unlimited materials and resources are right at our fingertips, supposed manifestations of the deep love we have for our fathers. Some of these gifts are given in person, as families gather for barbecues and family time, while others are shipped off from Amazon with a simple click. Although the holiday usually passes with a calm and relaxed manner, reminiscent of a Father’s Demeanor in general, (yes, inserted stereotype), ACCFamily wants to recognize the daughters, sons, and mothers who spend the day remembering.


The son, remembering countless fishing trips with his father. The lull of the waves on the boat, the wriggling grub, the calm but content silence during the wait for the catch.

The daughter, remembering the yells of, “Turn the TV down, you’ll ruin your eardrums!” as she purchases a hearing aid for her Father.

The son, sitting at his Fathers bedside in the assisted living facility, trying to weave the memory of his father with the person in front of him now.

The daughter, visiting her deceased Father’s favorite cafe, ordering his favorite steak, and remembering.

As Fathers Day approaches this Sunday, use the day of entertaining gifts and smoky BBQ to compose a mental scrapbook of memories, always available to conjure and dwell upon. Tuck away that special laugh, the eyes that light up in affection, the mischievous manner of flipping burgers. And remember the families that are celebrating Father’s Day doing just that: walking through the land of memories.

Many cheers and regards to the courageous Fathers of our nation.

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