Improve Your Memory Eating Mediterranean Style

Do you want to hear a word that spurs an emotional reaction, ranging from a sinking feeling, dismay, excitement, to disgust? Are you ready?


That’s right.

What’s your diet? Are you on a diet? Do you need to lose a few pounds and change your diet? Are you adhering to the latest fad diet?

Adkins. Paleo. Liquid. At any given point you can find an assortment of literature online, in bookstores, or in a recent magazine outlining the newest and best way to lose weight.

Few, however, are upheld by physicians or academic research and study. This week I stumbled upon a diet featured on the Mayo Clinic’s homepage called the Mediterranean Diet. Sounds exotic, right? Come to find out, a recent study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham endorsed the diet, in addition to discovering it preserved memory in seniors. Healthy eating can help maintain cognitive function in late life. However, the lead researcher also stated that the diet is not a ‘save-all’ but rather a combination of diet, exercise, and abstinence from smoking.

All of the academic research bring me to my final, and delicious point: What exactly IS the Mediterranean diet? It’s based on the food and lifestyle countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, heavy olive and canola oils containing Omega 3 fatty acids, low red meat, and heavy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Did I mention wine? Red wine is included.

While the diet may not be for everyone, ACC Family wants to remind the cyber-world of the importance of being pro-active about your personal health. All I’m saying is that if it holds bread and oil, with a glass of red wine on the side, it sounds like a winner to me. And the best part? I’ll be able to remember things better with improved cognitive function.