Parkinson’s Disease and the Mind

What’s the disease with tremors and spasms?

Why that’s Parkinson’s. With movie stars such as Michael J. Fox and boxers like Muhammed Ali featured in the media, nearly everyone on the street can tell you that the physical twitches are visible signs for recognizing Parkinson’s Disease. Many people don’t realize that the mind is affected by the disease as well. With over 1 million Americans living with Parkinson’s and thousands of undetected cases, it is necessary to be informed about both the physical and mental components.

ACCFamily knows it’s important for people with Parkinsons, their caregivers, families, and physicians to be aware of the following problems. With that foundation, the caregiver or support team can assist in the quality of life for the person. Many times, the mental difficulties are tied with the medications, so the sooner impairments are recognized, the better.

So how does Parkinson’s affect the mind?

1) Cognitive Impairment
2) Hallucinations
3) Communication Trouble
4) Depression
5) Anxiety
6) Impulse Control Problems

If one of these symptoms is recognized in a loved one, it is time to approach the caregiver or medical physician to see if there are possible solutions. In the long run, stability is the goal to be pursued for optimal physical and mental health.