The Strength of Optimism

Sharleen, a vibrant and active woman in her late 50s, was hit with a ton of bricks when her spouse of many years suffered from a stroke. The schedules and habits of a wonderful marriage were scattered in the air like confetti as hospital visits and and rehabilitation became a way of life. Soon, her beloved husband, Jim, was able to return home as Sharleen assumed primary caretaking duties. The stresses piled up, but Sharleen attempted to isolate those worries in her mind, rather than become snappy and withdrawn. Her gentle optimism lifted Jim’s spirits, and because of her perseverance, he also tried to persevere in therapy and physicality.

Typical story? In some responses, yes. In a society where caregivers, especially spousal caregivers, ¬†are riddled with depression as a result of their profession, a new study shows that self-esteem and optimism influence depression in stroke survivors. It’s not just ‘one-way’ influence, but both partners influencing the other.
In a health world where scientific measurements defeat all, the mysterious and in-definable qualities of the human mind and spirit are sometimes looked upon with suspicion.
ACCFamily presents the above information with a quiet questioning attitude: Are you persevering? Are you pressing on through trial with an optimistic attitude? And if not, how can we help? ACC Family presents a myriad of options to relieve caregiving stress so that spouses can keep their loving and uplifting roles, without being burdened with the toils of incessant labor. Let us encourage YOU.