Brain Boosters

As our mind gets creakier and rustier with age, social functions and other events can become stressful. With the current Baby Boomer population spending millions on their physical bodies to fight off age, the next step is assuming control over brain power. Are there truly trite little lists called, “Brain Boosters” or “Seven Ways to Remember Names” which speak the truth? What helps forming those memories and then being able to recall information in a timely and socially acceptable way? Can Sudoku and chess and reading out loud really work???

A recently compiled list details seven ways to aid memory. Of course the biggies such as sleep, exercise, and a rainbow diet of vegetables help but did you know red wine makes the list?

  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • A Rainbow Diet of Vegatables
  • Red Wine
  • Mental Games
  • Don’t Multi-task
  • Learning New Memory Tricks

Many of these lists seem redundant or childish, but when a person seriously reflects on personal habits, can you honestly say you hit everything on the list? Doubtful. So the challenge is on by ACCFamily: Eat a rainbow diet this week. And play a game of chess while you’re at it.