Top Five Cities for Retirees

Anthropology is ranked as #1 worst college major? (Note taken to pass to the next generation). Harlingen, TX is the one of the cheapest US cities to live? Let’s see if we can find a job there. I am a sucker for Top 10 lists of any sort, especially when they come from, a Washington, D.C. based publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice.

The latest list of interest is entitled “Best Cities for Retirees.” Heavens, my interest is perked already, although I am hoping for a list of cities that are not primarily located in Florida.

Kiplinger identified the winners by identifying cities with reasonable living costs, strong employment growth, and a population that scores high on measures of education and tech-savviness. In addition, further criteria including number of doctors, climate, and crime rate factored in.

Now that I’ve drawn out the waiting and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, here they are:

5) Pittsburgh, PA: Although residing in the same state as the Philly Cheese Steak certainly has its benefits, Pittsburgh is the nations safest ‘big’ city and similarly, suffers from few natural disasters.

4) New York City: The big Apple boasts a selection of healthcare, restaurants, museums, and luxuries within a small geographical area. Other services can be delivered right to your door, which seems quite luxurious.

3) Palm Bay, FL: Always want to make your quilting business a reality? Palm Bay, FL is on the list of the best cities in the nation to start a business. Moreover, it has the typical coastal amenities of golf courses, fishing, and, you guessed it: the beach.

2) Corvallis, OR: A small city with mild winters, no sales tax, and a great medical facility (Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center) make Corvallis a stand-out number two. Bring your umbrella, though: there is an average of 149 rainy days a year. We’ll just be singing in the rain!

1) New Orleans, LA: After Katrina, N’Awlins is bouncing back with a boom of refurbished homes. Besides affordable health care and a mild climate the state offers tax breaks to retirees. Property taxes are low as well. Time for some po’boys.

THE GRAND WINNER: Washington DC and surrounding suburbs.

Ok, so I completely inserted DC, as our city of residence has a charm and historical resonance which far outweighs the previous cities listed. (I may or may not be biased). The number of FREE cultural and historical activities are off the charts, as well as the geographical vicinity to nearby cities. Also, organizations such as ACCFamily are staunchly in place to serve and assist families who need additional home resources.

There you have it, folks. My goal was fulfilled: only one of the winners is located in Florida. Now, onto the next list: “The 10 Cheapest Cars to Own.”

For the complete article and accompanying descriptions, check it out here.