Beating the Nasty Flu Bug

The nasty bug is back: THE FLU.

Reports of the influenza epidemic have run rampant throughout media coverage the past weeks, meanwhile, just this morning the city of Boston declared a state of emergency with over 700 confirmed cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a map visually showcasing the numbers across the United States: chillingly, the vast majority of States are colored for “widespread” flu outbreaks.


What do you need to know? Who is most at risk? First of all, children under 5, pregnant women, and those 65 or older need to be especially diligent about hand-washing, shared public interactions, and physical contact.

In addition, the simple act of getting a flu shot can be a huge barrier against sickness. The vaccine is still widely available in the community. People can get vaccinated at pharmacies, doctors’ offices, or the county health department.  CVS offers flu shots, while many offices have programs which provide free shots to children.

ACCFamily desires to keep your family members safe, so please, get your flu vaccination today and take the necessary precautions with symptoms. We’ll beat this bug!