Living Resolutely: Moving from Good Intentions to Strategy

Time to break out the treadmill, measuring tape, and logbook: It’s January 2nd 2013.

“Happy New Year” is easily shouted on New Years Eve, whilst the still small voice murmurs the next day holds a change, a new horizon to pursue.

Exercise more. Eat healthy (which equates to less chocolate . . . and hopefully lose weight). Take more time for family and friends.  Re-vamp the wardrobe. Watch less reality television. The list continues on in a hodge-podge fashion.

Despite the good intentions, nothing substantial was ever accomplished with a toast and a cheer. Resolutions and LIVING resolutely takes strategy, a plan of action, and persistent discipline. How are you going to REALLY start exercising every day and TRULY avoiding the chocolate at the bakery you pass every day?

Here at ACCFamily, we want to wish you a happy new year not just by statement, but by urging you to sit down, resolutely, to carry out those good intentions. On the superficial front, you CAN re-vamp your wardrobe, so long as your budget balances first! You CAN spend more time with cherished family and friends, perhaps by limiting time online and arranging those coffee dates with intentions of not canceling.

Maybe one of the things you will need to do this year is to reduce stress on your spirit.  If you have the honor (and burden) of caring for an aging relative, ACCFamily can help!  Here is a link to our website www.accfamily.comLet us help you with your 2013 resolution strategy, perhaps in a way you never imagined.

Let’s make 2013 a year of shattering intentions and living resolutely!