Turning Christmas Mania into Merriment

These days many people equate the word ‘overwhelming’ with the Christmas season. While orchestral sleigh bell music rings and dreams of an idealistic White Christmas invade, the simple reality is the dreaded “TO DO” list crowds most of our thoughts. Gifts? Food? Travel plans? Budgets? December is a like being on a sled, poised at the top of the hill,  when released starts shooting madly down the hill.

An issue often overlooked is the schedule on Christmas Day: when will most relatives arrive?  Are there any food restrictions?  Will the noise created by the kids make Granny’s confusion worse?  Who will take Grandpa to the bathroom if he needs it?  Holidays are great times to come together and build memories…but ACCfamily hopes they are not bad ones!  We want to arm you with a great list of tips for family caregivers, including evaluating the environment, remembering holiday traditions, and asking for help.

If the holidays will turn the most normal, considerate of folks into madmen, then imagine the distraction of going into the bustle without answering any of the questions mentioned above. Let’s all take a moment, breathe, and implement the actions included in this informative article.  If you need an extra set of hands on Christmas (or before), call ACCfamily.  We can arrange a caregiver to be with you and your loved one throughout the day.  Now, the possibility of a truly merry Christmas day exists.