Emotional Connections needed in Healthcare

“Thank you,” I offhandedly and distractedly said to the Chick-fil-a server.

“My pleasure,” came back to me in a chirpy and cheerful voice, intent on service.

No matter the location, Chick-fil-A across the nation has a track record of service dedication, loyal followers, and, well, good food. What prompts such loyalty?

In a completely different professional field, what ignites such loyalty to Apple?

Emotion. Who would have guessed? 83% of consumers would pay more for a product or service from a company they feel puts them first. Not only that, but healthcare is the number one field the mass population seeks to feel emotional connections. Huh. Emotions really do count.

The ironic point? In a recent nationwide brand survey, the top 10 breakout brands on the emotional front did not include any healthcare companies.

Luckily, ACCFamily can relay such news without qualms, because as an entity we pride ourselves in not only providing the best homecare service, but commitment to our clients.  Emotional commitment. The emotional front has been taken and conquered in the world of ACCFamily. We put our clients first.