A Taste Down Memory Lane

Aroma. Taste. The sublime amalgamation of flavors sitting on your tongue, permeating your olfactory senses, and transporting you to a memory of decades past.

A tomato sending you back to your mothers garden? A frankfurter that represents the first baseball game with your father? Or perhaps penny candy with a taste that reminds you of certain friends?

I stumbled across an article this week from CNN Health called “Taste: It’s in your nose and memories” which proceeds to outline misperceptions regarding taste and then outlining lessons from science that prod people to think about eating in new ways. A thorough list follows, with bullet points including titles such as:

“You Like What Your Mother Ate.”

“Your Tongue Map is Not exactly Right.”

“Nostalgia While Eating Refers to Smell.”

Intrigued? Wondering how ACCfamily intersects with the article content? ACCFamily provides caregivers who cook for your loved one.  Although not as good as your mom used to do it, ACCfamily caregivers make sure your loved one keeps the memories coming by cooking the meals they enjoy.  Meanwhile, I’m headed to the grocery store to take a walk down memory lane.

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