Paragliding your way to Fitness

Mary Hardison of Ogden Utah wiggled, or rather, leapt her way into the Guiness Book of World Records by Paragliding Tandem. At age 101. She didn’t want her 75 – year old son to outdo her. This great-great grandmother with a seemingly hardy personality and persistent attitude encouraged her tandem partner to go upside down and perform tricks as the rest of her family watched below in expectation. Typical behavior for this charitable matron? Why yes, as she excitedly rode all of the adult rides at Disneyland at age 90.

What about Faujah Singh, the 100 year old who entered the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and finished in grand style, securing his place in the Guiness Book of World Records?

Clearly, age does not constrain the physical capacity of the human body, as Faujah and Mary clearly demonstrate.

Granted, such accomplishments are not common across the board, but the importance of physical fitness and its numerous benefits has been proven over and over again. Yes, age effects cardio capacity, strength capabilitiy, and flexibility, but there are hobbies and exercises that allow the older generation to stay active. The key is remaining aware, ‘staying on top of the issue’ per se, and not pushing exercise to the wayside with excuses of time crunches.  ACCfamily can help if the person you are caring for has not been able to be as active as Mary Hardison or Faujah Singh.  If you are caring for someone who is struggling to stay independent in their own home or has lost mobility to the point that you are becoming nervous about their safety, ACCfamily can help reduce this stress by arranging a caring person to be there.  ACCfamily caregivers not only insure safety, but we even extend the independence of those in need by doing the laundry, shopping for food, and going to doctor’s appointments with your loved one.  It is a great feeling to have an expert close by!  Mary had a professional paraglide pilot fly her in circles.  Your loved one may soon be flying circles around you with the help of ACCfamily!