Hector: A Robot Who Helps the Elderly

What is the first image that pops into mind when contemplating robots? The docile and lovable Wall-E? The raging Terminator machine beneath the Arnold Schwartzenegger exterior? Or perhaps the un-patented but crowd-winning robot dance move?

As seen above, there are numerous scenarios regarding robots that range from benevolent to, well, malevolent. One can argue the day long about the possibilities of robotic intersection with human life, while the fact remains, technological advances are being made daily regarding artificial intelligence and technology. The question still hovering in the air, however, is the depth of intersection with daily human life and the possible aid it can bring.

A recent article showcased a Dutch-designed robot named Hector, who despite movable eyes that were deemed ‘creepy,’ served as a helpful companion to elderly suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment. Preliminary tests are still being run, but Hector’s primary job is to remind the recipient of medication schedules, proposing a walk, or keeping track of schedules. Check out the links below to see Hector in action.

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