More Rules, Less Fun

Any child would wholeheartedly echo the sentiments of the statement above.

“Rules? Who needs rules?” they would mutter mischievously, grinning.

But heavens, let’s not let the kids have all the credit. Adults of any age could say the same thing: once a rule is established, there is an irresistible urge to bend it, all in good fashioned fun. Workplace pranks, puns, a twisting of words, all are good for a hearty laugh, yet generally are not seen as relating to company growth, physical health, or promoting change.

Yet is there a connection between humor, stress, work-place change agents, and physical health? Could FUN and HUMOR influence such relevant cultural keywords like ‘productivity’ and ‘wellness?’  

Gina Barreca recounts the work of Mary Kay Morrison, who has done research on the uses of humor in educational, business, and therapeutic settings. Some of her tenets include the relation between work productivity and humor, in addition to key studies that tie comedy to a decrease in symptoms of chemotherapy patients. Intrigued?

Well, then let the jokes begin.

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